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Presented below you will find an article entitled “Fiction-Theory”, which underpins a theory about mankind’s entitlement to existence.

After describing the fiction-theory, an attempt has been made in a summary confrontation, to reason what the influence of an implemented application of the fiction-theory on the ancient monotheistic world religions could be.


A theory on mankind’s entitlement to existence..

This theory is founded upon the history of creation, as based on the currently available scientific knowledge
and enriched with scientific views as described by Professor E. Schillebeeckx in his book
“Jezus: het verhaal van een levende” (translated as “Jesus: an experiment in Christology”).

When discussing the question of existence, science refers to the “Big Bang” and the evolution theory. In this explanation the universe seems to have been made by a “Big Bang”, which has been expanding ever since.

In a way, given the immense size of the universe it is not surprising that in-depth analyses of the matter from the Big Bang repeatedly reveal relatively enormous amounts of emptiness in e.g. molecules, atoms, Higgs particles.

Suppose that infinite analysis of this matter results in no matter being found, which, given the current scientific findings, is not unrealistic but probably not provable either; so does this then mean that we are living in a true emptiness?

Already Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity” concluded, that space, matter, time and energy did came into existence out of nothing.

Does this mean that life is based on “fiction”?
And if there is no matter, there cannot be any time connected with it!
Then we must be living in an eternal today!

Starting from the assumption of fiction, what is then the source or cause of the Big Bang?

Most probably this source, just like the fiction of the Big Bang, is matter-free as well and so, without matter, it also knows no time. And, what is matter-free, is not created, and consequently knows no beginning and no ending.
This source is an eternal, non-material source of power; which despite its lack of matter, but given its creative power, remains a conscious entity.

This is in contrast with the human being, which without matter has no consciousness, and as a consequence, does not exist.

So the question is: why did this self-conscious source of power create this fiction?

Before it is possible to find an answer, it is important to first understand the place of mankind within that fiction.

chimp recognizes himself in mirror It is clear that an evolution process has been taking place within the fiction, in which in a recent phase some animals have evolved into self-conscious beings and in so doing have passed the transition phase.

Man is a self-consciousness being, as the creator of the fiction seems to be. However, the difference is that man’s consciousness is linked to the matter within the fiction. Disconnecting from the fiction means the end of man’s consciousness i.e. man’s death (the finite nature of mankind).

Although connected with the matter, man, as a self-consciousness being, is self-determining (autonomous).
Within the fiction man can create but also destroy, for example by taking his own life, or by destroying a part of the fiction through war or by CO2 emission.

It is therefore also possible for man to want to acquaint himself with the creator of the fiction, or not, and thus to deny or acknowledge the existence of the creator.

Given the independence of man, such a recognition is not forced and therefore cannot be the reason for creating a fiction. Man’s autonomy also seems to exclude some sort of “play thing” existence.

However, man, as a self-conscious being that can take an independent position, around whom the entire fiction of the universe seems to be constructed, must be of some importance to the creator of the fiction.

There seems to be little point in having a human being disappear from the fiction at the end of his or her life.
Evidently the creator of the fiction offers mankind the possibility of putting its self-consciousness outside the fiction and that undoubtedly must have a goal or point.

A possible goal was formulated through monotheism. There, the reason for the creation can be found in recognizing the existence of the creator of the fiction, but then founded on a voluntary, autonomous and disinterested basis. This would lead to an anchoring of the self-consciousness of man in the self-consciousness of the creator of the fiction, resulting in a disconnection from the fiction.

But, why should a recognition of the existence of the creator be the motive to introduce mankind ?
By creating man the creator ended a solitary stay in a timeless emptiness with no possibility to love and being loved, where self-sufficiency may be experienced by the creator as non-existence
In essence, by creating man the creator did create himself.

We have now entered the realm of religion, where directly a link can be made with monotheism in which only one creator is recognized, just as described within the fiction-theory.
An assumed existence of multiple entity’s remains nonetheless, because of human’s fiction-connection to that one creating entity, a monotheistic matter. Multiple entity’s probably don’t exist, because then there would be no need to create mankind to acknowledge one’s existence. Possible entity’s that don’t strive self-acknowledgment stay unknown to others and therefore do not exist.

The form of monotheism referred to above has its origins in Judaism, which historically explainable, has got a national and overly human character.
Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish prophet who was also important for Islam as well as Christianity, was a corrective force as regards religion and stripped it of its human influences and gave it a universal character.

Professor Schillebeeckx, in his book Jesus: an experiment in Christology, tries to place Jesus in his historical context, taking into account the Jewish culture and symbolism in the use of language, properly justifying it linguistically and only relying upon facts and events that can be historically double-checked.

He reconstructs a historical person, who, by virtue of his way of life, his statements and faith, may give a deeper answer to the question of how the anchoring of the self-consciousness of man in the consciousness of the creator of the fiction, or the disconnection from the fiction, can be achieved.

His inheritance is concentrated in being human towards others, having positive human feelings towards all that is valuable in mankind, reacting (also through man) to God’s universal love of man. Professor Schillebeeckx sees this attitude as the connecting factor which makes man’s cause coincide with God’s cause, in a fellowship with God.

From this it can be concluded that connection and anchoring are achieved by a person’s willingness to subject one’s true self to that which is worthy in man and to his Creator, by which both realize a recognition of each other’s full existence. Schillebeeckx describes this as: “opening up man’s love like a flash at the universal creative love of God the creator”.

Such a presumed ability to connect and anchor with a creating primal potency suggests that within the fiction-theory, one can only start to see an evolving animal as human when it has become a potential creator-aware and self-conscious being.

This assumption raises the hypothetical question: why and how an animal, obeying an evolution-process, becomes creator-aware. Reaching a phase of god-awareness seems not serving the evolution, just like a self-destructive human-being is conflicting this.
Or, is the “human”-animal less influenced by the evolution-process, but more framed by flattering his self-consciousness potential, what consequently will involve man in a creator-awareness.

Does the Creator just leave it as a recognition, based on the anchoring of the self-consciousness of man into the self-consciousness of the Creator, or does He think such a recognition not to be enough fundamental.

Next may be the answer:
A recognition of the creator of the fiction, done by the a creator equal consciousness, will achieve the highest achievable recognition-effect.
Is this applicable to mankind, nevertheless restricted to its human ability?
In that case there are two possibilities presenting themselves:
  1. The original (creator) consciousness-potential is inexhaustibly increasable, through which each becoming human (objectively final and unlimited at man’s deceasing in accordance with Creator’s goal) adds a fragment at the original (creator) consciousness-potential.
  2. The original (creator) consciousness-potential “is” eternal, consequently not to be created and therefore not increasable. In this thesis the creator is giving a fragment from his immense original consciousness-potential.
Apart from that, one expects scientifically having established, that the universe is not, as at first was assumed, indefinitely repeatedly expanding and again contracting on itself, through which a in possibility B assumed finiteness of the universe seems to be acknowledged.
In this, the fiction-theory interprets a possible finiteness of the universe, implicating, the benefit of human life will cease to exist, through which the proposed possibility B is preferred.
Moreover, possibility B effects a more ultimate recognition-effect.

If already in anticipation a fragment of creator’s consciousness-potential is given, why as yet to fulfil a fiction-life? The answer could be, that by coupling this consciousness-potential to the earthy existence and linking to mankind’s love-flashes to the universal divine love (within the divine living-community of love) an own identity could be given to the mentioned human consciousness (like a collection of “treasures in heaven”, Matthew 6:20).

This identity, having love as standard, can not be infected by a negative (earthy) autonomy, which according to the fiction-theory, in leaving the fiction (deceasing) looses both its fiction-matter and self-consciousness. The bible-story concerning the fallen angles teaches: obtaining an identity may lead to a negative autonomous attitude, which aforementioned can be corrected by way of an earthy (fiction) life.

The reality on the outlined form of a consciousness-potential, remains unknown, but can one consider this as a “soul”?

The result is, a by the Creator aimed relationship with mankind, in which He gives a part of himself, expecting from mankind a loving recognition like He recognizes man.

In the resulting divine living-community of love, one shares each others love and consequently one’s spiritual experiences of love in and with the creation, and maybe even, in the context of a assumed timelessness, even reliving these spiritual experiences of love.

The fiction-theory will probably never be scientifically justified. Nonetheless it can be concluded, that a denial of a creating God has been made more difficult and the free-thinker has been given food for thought.

Fiction-theory and Christianity

If one tries to fully integrate the fiction-theory in it’s purest form with Christianity, then Christian concepts such as the trinity, heaven, hell and purgatory (who’s Christian meanings we reject) take on a somewhat different interpretation.

“Trinity” translates into a community of love, in which;
  • The “Father” = the Creator, representing the original consciousness-potential (quoting Schillebeeckx; “the universal creative love of God”).
  • The “Son” = mankind, that is disconnected from the fiction but anchored in the consciousness of the Father. Still quoting; “man’s flash of love at the universal love of God”.
    This relationship, intended by the Creator, is propagated by a prophet, who is professed in the bible and who, by virtue of his way of live, his statements, his faith and his performance of beneficial acts in Palestine, has got a pioneer-function. By this he became the personification of whole mankind within the “Son” (the matter-disconnected mankind within the trinity) and probably the most important intercessor to the Creator in the divine living-community of love.
  • The “Holy Ghost” = the anchoring of the consciousness between the Father and the Son. Without Father no Son, without Son no recognition as desired by the Father, packed in a relationship of unconditional love. (The love which mutually connects the Father with the Son.)

In explaining the trinity, the description of the “Son” deviates from Christianity. There are different interpretations within Christianity, the Jewish religion and Islam.
The Jewish religion and the Islam call him a prophet, whereas in Christianity the doctrine of man /Son of God has steadily arisen, until at the Council of Nicea in AD 325 it, under resolution passing pressure, was accepted as a dogma. This dogma assumes that the Son emerged from the Father.

According to Schillebeeckx (and more impressive to Kermit Zarley in his book “The restitution of Jesus Christ”), the historical Jesus has never himself acknowledge being divine, which may indicate a careful avoidance of every obstacle to human independence and autonomy.
Schillebeeckx describes Jesus as an extraordinary, historical figure, who, by the way he lived his life, his view of life and by how he experienced God, had managed to forge a special connection with his Creator. For example, his calling God “Abba” (literally “Daddy”) instead of the then customary Jewish religious names of Jaweh, Father, etc., suggests a very emotional bond.

So it seems therefore possible, that an appeal from the prophet Jesus to his Abba, especially concerning the salvation of his fellowmen, would receive a higher consideration than the average person’s appeals.

Perhaps this explains why he could heal so noticeably in Palestine back then. Incidentally, in Jewish culture the (human) title “son of God” had been used for former prophets long before Jesus’ arrival.

The special status within the bible seems explicable in the lack of time outside a fiction-existence.. By the Creator this lack of time is experienced as time-less. Consequently He was able to foreseen the intensity of the close relationship Jesus should create with his God (his Abba). To such an extent, Jesus got a pioneer-function in explaining the intended relationship between mankind and his Creator.
This might be the reason why Jesus’ coming has been prepared in the bible.

Within the fiction-theory a creation of a divine son, born of the Father (Creator) is not explainable. More divine original consciousness-potentials make the need to create mankind superfluous.
In all probability the titling is of no importance, otherwise this would have been made known in a much forceful way during Jesus’ lifetime.

In support of the “Son of God” dogma, bible-certain Christians refer to the part of the Bible, where God self gives evidence of his only Son, according to the apostles Mark (9:1-12), Luke (9:28-36), Mathew (17:1-11) on the mount Tabor and Mark (1:9-11), Luke (3:21-22), Mathew (3:13-17) during the baptism of Jesus of Nazareth by John, where in both cases should have been pronounced from heaven: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, (listen to him)”.
However, the use of the phrases “beloved” and “in whom I am well pleased”, in stead of a straight pronouncement, seems superfluous; unless there are also sons in whom He is not pleased.
Last thesis matches the fiction-theory, where every man (like sons) is invited to take part in God’s existence, but what is not accepted by everyone in a by the Creator aimed relationship between man and his Creator.

Otherwise, from those testimonies, by the apostles Mark, Luke and Mathew, may be concluded, that the Creator, staying in a timelessness, has foreseen, that Jesus of Nazareth should fulfill his mission through which, as appears from the above mentioned pronouncements, Jesus became the chosen specimen of mankind.
This election may have inspired the Creator to donate, sooner then usual (at Jesus’ baptism instead of his decease) the already forseen obtainable (devine) “soul” (= part in Creator's original potential).

It is more obvious, in an awareness-process on the by the Creator towards man intended relationship, Jesus of Nazareth has experienced God's power of creation.

Assuming, after man has completed his fiction-life, Creator will open up his integral existence to man, because of his intended by love supported highest achievable mutual recognition (relationship).

In this train of thought it is possible, that in his close contact with his “Abba”, Jesus of Nazareth has already experienced “miraculous” events during his fiction-life.

Of this, as Messiah acquired special status, Jesus became steadily aware by performing his (to him unexpected) miracles.

Starting from above assumption, Jesus of Nazareth has reacted to the vacation of his Creator and in being human, he has sought the essence of his mission as aimed by his Creator, in which he is remarkably strengthened by miraculous occurrences and bible-prophecies.

As chosen specimen of mankind, Jesus of Nazareth has refreshed and opened up the possibility of a relationship with the Creator, through which Jesus has got a mankind privileged position within the “Son”.
As chosen specimen of mankind, Jesus of Nazareth should expect support from mankind towards their Creator, in Jesus’ search of the essence and consequences of his mission.

On the other hand, mankind can appeal to the aimed status of relationship between mankind and his Creator, as achieved by Jesus, in intermediating Jesus in reaching the Creator.

In world-religions lots of people have experienced a similar vocation, carrying this out in propagating their assumed essence of their mission, as can be referred to great names as Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius and all saints, to be found in all religions.

It is encouraging to hear the following (translated) adapted “credo” within the (Dutch) Roman Catholic Church:
I believe in love,
source of all life
at all times;
for that reason I believe in Jesus Christ,
child of Mary.
I believe in the virtue of the way of living, set by him,
who has been crucified, has died and been buried,
but who is alive in us
carrying his name
and celebrating his memory.
I believe that those,
who believe in love,
shall not die for ever.
I believe in the greatness of Jesus’ being-human:
He is the standard;
he is the touchstone for our way of living.
I believe in people creating a church together,
full of doubts in continuing to believe, there is a loving God,
marching on with them.

Apparently, the message that was being told to the world mattered the most.

In addition to this, the book written by Paul Verhoeven is referred. In his book “Jesus of Nazareth” he describes, founded on his film-producers background and fed by during 20 years attending the by prominent scientists visited “Jesus Seminar”, a historical human Jesus, who may approximate the for ever unknown reality.

However, as given arguments do not justify a deviation in the position of Jesus Christ within the Christian churches, one may nevertheless expect, that the becoming human of Jesus has happened in the way as described for mankind.

The dogma seems a very arrogant and superfluous assumption.
For, by already having given a part of Him (of God’s original potential), man has got the opportunity to become a part of Him and consequently share an evenly balanced relationship in the divine living-community of love.
Moreover, by man’s participation in the original consciousness potential, the Father experiences the love and sorrow of man in an intense and unconditional loving way. Becoming fully human seems an unnecessary human assumption.

Nevertheless, also in the just above described position, Jesus Christ remains a part of the Son within the Trinity, be it in an outstanding scale.

Follows the integration of other Christian concepts within the fiction-theory:

The concept “heaven” is the bond of love between the individual love of man with the universal love of God (Creator), by man’s individual part in the original consciousness-potential of the Creator, connected to the individual love of all mankind, forming a divine living-community of love, in which one shares one’s love and consequently one’s spiritual experiences of love in and with the creation, and maybe even, in an assumed timelessness, the reliving of these experiences of love.

“Hell” means the destruction of any human being not by love disconnected from the fiction; who in death loses both matter and consciousness.

“Purgatory” is not an essential concept within the fiction-theory, but may be a phase in which the deceased who, although in love disconnected from the fiction, bitterly regret their forsaking of love, which could have increased their “flash” of love “at the universal creative love of God”. Maybe connected to a longer immaterial (but still attached to matter) stay on earth (see evangelic term hell).

“Devils, satan, fallen angels” have no meaning within the fiction-theory, but these concepts are covered by the human ability to be “negative autonomous”. Which encloses, that an intended anchoring by love, at the same time includes the rejection of a possible practiced negative autonomousness. The fiction-theory does know deceased non-fiction decoupled, who through interconnections in the self-consciousness of a living being, are not able or willing to leave the fiction.

demon possessed swine gadar In Matthew 8:28, Luke 8:26, Mark 5:1 (the possessed of Gerasenen) is spoken about Legion (“devils/unclean spirits”), that enter a herd of swines which subsequently rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned.

The fiction theory has no “devils/unclean spirits”, but does know deceased non-fiction decoupled, which, according to the evangelists mentioned afore, through interconnections in the self consciousness of a living fellow human being, are not able or willing to leave the fiction.
Apparently a great torment, which they escape by dying in a swine (exiting the fiction).

The evangelists turn out to have the same concept of “hell”.

The concept “angels”, within the fiction-theory, might be in love deceased human beings, who from their position as intercessors with God, try to assist their living beloved.

The “Bible”, within the fiction-theory, is principally important as far as it has contributed at the statements, faith, virtue of way of live, proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth.
Meaning, the “Bible” is describing the history of monotheism and has been interpreted by Jesus of Nazareth.

Conclusion: the fiction-theory has problems with the “Son of God”-dogma, but fits fully within the Christian tradition.

Fiction-theory and Islam

To clarify the integration of the fiction-theory (in it’s purest form) into the Islam, the position of the prophet Mohammed within the Koran must be defined first.

In consequence of the pre-decease of his father, the young-decease of his mother, followed up by the decease of his grandfather, then growing up with his frequent travelling uncle, young Mohammed developed his own independent opinion.
During his trade-contacts this attitude was confronted with the Jewish culture through which he developed his monotheist thoughts.
At the age of 40 he received his first revelation and proclaimed this within a hostile polytheistic culture, which in the end forced him to flee from Mecca to Medina.

In his first (Mecca-) verses, one mainly finds theological statements. But, the more his respectability in society was growing the more he was confronted by his followers with problems of sociological and practical nature, whereupon the answers were formulated in his Medina-verses.
These verses came into existence in a special background (doctrine of Asbâb and Noezuel) and ought to be transformed to nowadays backgrounds (knowledge of Nâsikh and Mansackh). At that time these sociological and social backgrounds were predominated by the Bedouin culture (slaves for instance), where-at the prophet Mohammed has reacted in a tactful and wise way at the needs of that time in his Medina-verses.

The same problematic one meets in the creature story (Adam and Eve), which is adopted from the Jewish religion by the Islam as well as by Christianity. Based on the scientific knowledge at that time the universe should have been created in 6 days. This bible-story is copied by the Koran and quoted in many verses.
According to the present point of science the Big Bang and the evolution theory are accepted to be the origin of the universe.
This is not detrimental to the essence of the creation story, namely, that the universe is created by Allah, but during a longer period then 6 days. The Koran-explanation quotes: Days = periods.

With this establishment, the monotheism and the lack of the trinity-dogma, the fiction-theory is not conflicting the Islam religion. Indeed, in the fiction-theory the concepts hell and heaven are more spiritual defined than in the Islam, where these concepts are described in a more human (understandable) way.

The concepts angels and djinns are not essential in the fiction-theory, but one can describe these concepts as follows:
“Angels” might be in love deceased human beings, who, from their position as intercessors with God, try to assist their living beloved.
“Djinn’s” might be deceased fiction-decoupled, who can’t or are not willing to leave the fiction right away (transition phase/purgatory?).
And possibly “djinn’s” might also be deceased non-fiction decoupled; those who do not wish to let go of the fiction (universe) as a last resort to prevent damnation, (which in the fiction-theory equals destruction) and managed to interconnect in the self consciousness of a living fellow human being.

Conclusion: the fiction-theory may fit in the Islam religion.

Fiction-theory and Hinduism/Buddhism

Both Hinduism and Buddhism show several ways of appearances:

Hinduism has been influenced by great philosophers as Sankara, Ramaoedja, Vallabha and manifests itself therefore in many spheres as:
the three Gods: Brahmam, Visjnoe, Sjiva; the lower godheads; man; animals; ghosts; demons.

Buddhism, edified by Gautama Buddha, expresses oneself in:
The Tantric vehicle; Mahayana (Great Vehicle); the Hinayana (small vehicle).

The many ways, in which Hinduism and Buddhism manifest themselves, compel to restrict a confrontation with the fiction-theory to the next main points:
  1. Hinduism and Buddhism experience life like a world of appearance, of illusion, behind which the real and only truth is hidden.
    The fiction-theory determines; universe is matter-free and created for a higher purpose.
  2. Hinduism and Buddhism suppose; by man’s urge to live (and from this attitude arising deeds) this truth remains hidden, by which one is forced to submit oneself to a chain of reincarnations, that can be broken by destroying the consequences of man’s deeds by means of knowledge (repentance) and asceticism.
    The fiction-theory indicates; the real and only truth is to be found in an attitude of living, where, within a life-time, founded on a voluntary, autonomous and disinterested basis, one realizes a close relationship with the Creator and his creation.
    The fiction-theory does not know reincarnation. On the other hand one may share the idea, that young deceased’s (incomplete lives), who don’t have got sufficient time to realize this relationship with the Creator, as yet by reincarnation are allowed to do so. This idea seems not conflicting the intention of the creation.
  3. After breaking the chain of reincarnation one can, if not fully perfect, find paradise and God and after fully purified, nirvana will follow. By Gautama Buddha, what’s nirvana, is not explained, because reasoning about the subject is infertile.
    Nagarjuna lectured; the return of all beings in the original emptiness.
    Ramanoedja expects; the souls eternal enjoying their return with God.
    The fiction-theory describes “heaven” as; the by the Creator aimed relationship with mankind in a bond of love between the individual love of man with the universal love of the Creator, forming a divine living-community of love.

Conclusion: philosopher Ramakrishna already stated; religions are “true”, in case they admit to reach God. A statement, that underlines the relativity of any religion, through which there is room in Hinduism and Buddhism for the fiction-theory.

Fiction-theory and Confucianism/Taoism

Chinese philosophy is written in the Chinese tradition of “thought” (e.g. the “Hundred Schools of Thought”; literally “all philosophers hundred schools”), and some of it’s elements have existed for several thousand years.

It seems a melting pot of ideas, in which new concepts have been accepted, while attempting to accord old reliefs their due.

Thus, in last decennia, the traditional philosophy has been influenced by the communistic and western rationalism.

Confucianism emphasized the tradition and attitude of the Chinese people, in striving after a perfect man and resident.

Taoism reflected itself more on the theistic train of thought, like “Tao” (original force), Ying and Yang (the positive and negative), the attachment at the cosmos, etc.

The fiction-theory may provide a rational complement at concepts like above:
  1. “Tao”; the out of emptiness creating potency.
  2. “Yang”; the positive attitude of this creating potency.
  3. “Ying”; the (beside the positive) negative autonomousness of man.

It is true, the quoted descriptions do not cover the concepts, but essentially there is a great point of understanding.

The fiction-theory’s attachment at the cosmos is shown in the thesis; man is a by the Big-Bang proceeded evolved animal. However these does not lead to rituals.

On the other hand beside a monotheistic potency, the fiction-theory does not acknowledge other deities, by reason a creation of mankind should not have been necessary.

Also (good) ghosts and demons do not exist in the fiction-theory and are respectively positive and negative autonomous deceased human beings.

Taoism, motivated by Mohism, knows an universal equal and impartial love for everyone and a return to Tao, which on the whole also is supported in the fiction-theory.

Conclusion: the fiction-theory may add a rational dimension at the Chinese philosophy of thought.

A by the fiction-theory inspired philosophy
concerning the origin of the universe

The fiction-theory, which underpins mankind’s entitlement to existence, inspired the next philosophy on a possible origin of universe.

The fiction-theory is based on the assumption, that infinite analysis of matter results in no matter being found, which means that we are living in a true emptiness (or fiction).
This theory introduces a matter-less force, which is created or according to Stephen Hawking came into existence spontaneously.
(Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity” already quoted: “space, matter, time and energy emerged simultaneous out of nothing”.)

This original force can be divided in a positive and negative force, which should neutralize each other in the equation; all the in universe present positive energy minus all negative energy = Zero (= fiction).

Conclusion: the string theory is not fundamental.

The Big Bang, which is a dividing-explosion, has divided this matter-less force into an almost infinite number of positive and negative forces (which exist out of nothing, infinite small).

Basing on the assumption that temperature is a system measuring the velocity of movement, there can’t have been (before the Big Bang movement-explosion, at a theoretic absolute zero) any movement.
Without movement the positive and negative forces will cancel each other out. But, by moving they keep apart. Consequence; without movement there is no mass.
  • Mass is a consequence of movement of positive and negative force-particles.

In order to bring about the Big Bang division, a force was needed that should at least equal to the universes highest known velocity; the velocity of light, at what speed the particles were blown well-balanced out of a central point straight-on into all sides of the just by there appearance created space.
  • Space is a consequence of movement and time.
  • Movement is a consequence of time and space.

The, during the Big Bang broken, original force will try to restore the original state; needing a force also equal to the velocity of light. This restore force is the origin of gravitation.

Once again, this gravitation within a mass (planet etc.) is the origin of felt weight, although mass in its-self is weightless. (The reason why the around a mass established trough in the “dark mass”-web is not caused by the weight of mass but by the, further-on explained, diminishing velocity of mass.)
The essential weightlessness of mass in space enables the gravitation of black mass to stabilize formations.

The explosion-velocity (velocity of light) is not disturbed by the in an (at first) homogeneous density each-other-compensating restoring-forces of positive and negative particles.
Besides, in accordance with the law of Newton (inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them) the velocity-force is already stronger than the restore-force, by which the positive and negative particles can’t amalgamate.

However, a tiny difference in the position within the homogeneity can cause a direction-deviation of one in an infinite number of particles; finally resulting in the present structure of the universe.

Within the first (upper) layers around the explosion-point, the particles (hardly) did not experience any colliding-resistance from other particles and moved straight-on in an unimpeded velocity towards the edge of our universe.

Next layers, however, experience an increasing colliding-resistance of the preceding layers, through which particles tend to change their straight-on velocity in orbiting movements around positive and negative particles, thus slackening their straight-on velocity.
Next, a now more three-dimensional expanding space allowed more room for introducing orbiting movements around just evaluated particle-units (around nucleus in hydrogen monatomics) in order to develop; (attending evolution) electrons, quarks, etc. macromolecules and all known masses.

During this process the original explosion-movement velocity prevents the positive and negative force-particles melting together, allowing a development based on movement in constant positive/negative equilibrium.

The explosion-force (movement-velocity) and the restore-force (attraction-force between the positive and negative particles) are together the total in universe appearing energy.

Because of the emptiness within the universe (even in mass), the original straight explosion-force can change its direction in even orbiting, spinning and vibrating without losing its energy as a whole (the principle of conservation of energy).

Essentially, there is little difference in the composition between the masses, namely, the degree of mixture of the infinite small out of nothing existing positive and negative (often in countless numbers) force-particles and the orbiting-degree (determined by their position) of their mutual bound movement-velocity, which manifests itself in categories of force-carrying particles.

Thus, within the mixture of the nucleus, the rotation-distance of quarks will be smaller than those of protons and neutrons and consequently, at the same velocity (maximum velocity of light), the number of rotations of quarks will be higher and by so, more force-carrying.
Also in breaking up the atom, enormous numbers of quarks etc. and original Big Bang particles will be released at the existing velocity (maximum velocity of light).

As described before, caused by the increasing collision-resistance, the successive layers experience an increasing slackening of their straight-on velocity, which nowadays is to be found in the decreasing velocity between out of these layers evolved galaxy’s, which therefore are moving away from each other.

On the other hand, the first 7 billion years after the Big Bang the expansion of the universe did decrease, which can be explained by the low speed-barrier in the initial less complicated universe-construction-period with respect to the high speed-barrier in a later-on more complicated stars and planets creating period.

The concerning galaxy’s did develop much quicker than the earlier separated (galaxy) layers, which therefore differ from our galaxy (and those at the same distance of the Big-Bang center).

The largest part of the single original force-particles seemed not to have been caught in a spinning movement but been bound in the spaces between the masses (galaxy’s, stars, planets, macromolecules, etc.), tracking and pushing the mass in the original explosion-direction.
These force-particles (dark mass) are the basis of the gravity-web, in which the restore-force between the positive and negative original particles is part of the universe-wide gravitation.

These particles still possess the original homogeneous composition, but it’s mutual by the spherical environment caused formation has been influenced by the expanding galaxy-layers and the pulling-force of the decreasing galaxy-velocity’s (probably in some degree rhomboid).
This (flexible) three-dimensional network exists of theoretical at each corner by turn a positive or a negative single force-particle, which in approaching and anchoring masses is operating in more complicated structures.

The general theory of relativity assumed an influence from gravity on the photons of light, which indicates, that light might travel along this three-dimensional network, what might explain its and other wave-structures, like high-frequency rays, which in consequence of their the web deviating structure, are not able to penetrate the atmosphere along the network.

The gravity-web constructing black-mass (fundamentally consisting of undisturbed straight moving positive and negative force-particles) tries to track the by the evolution speed loosing galaxies, which causes a tension, due to the difference in speed.
This increasing difference in tension will disturb the sideways homogeneousness between the force-particles by a bending direction towards a layer above the tracked galaxies.
Because of the existence of an enormous quantity of “black-mass”, this disturbance may bring about a black-mass-shift at the size of very many times the known galaxies.
This development is already in progress in the interstellar gas nebulae of spiral-galaxies, where aforementioned primordial particles (as piece of the blackmassweb) have been turned to, evolving into (invisible) neutrinos, other elementary particles and (visible) molecules (hydrogen, helium).
Thereby in (mostly older) elliptic galaxies dark matter is striking absent. The almost well-balanced construction of the universe supports the thesis; this development will manifest itself, spread all over the universe in approximate the same layers.
In consequence of the globe-size widening structure of the universe, the well-balanced sideways homogeneous-widening parted force-particles can not develop complicated structures like in our galaxy, while, moreover the way of coming into existence is quite different.

The end of the universe can be explained from its origin; the finiteness of movement, which may be observed in the black holes, where a temperature of one tenth of a million above zero is expected.

The “black hole” is the final product of a star, which in turn originated from the right after the Big Bang formed particles.
These particles were assembled into a large gas-cloud, which had continued the original particle movement-deviation in a twisting movement of the gas-cloud as a whole.
The by curvature obtained greater influence of the (originally by the splitting induced) recovery forces in relation to the speed of movement, wil cause the gas-cloud to spin ever-faster and compact itself from the inside-out (increasing rotation-speed) until a balance between the restoring force and speed of movement has occured.

This process increases the possibility of collisions between particles, effecting (in brief):
  • the bouncing off each other of -in a previous combination caught- particles, which makes the star visible in universe,
  • the insertion of particles into existing combinations (e.g. hydrogen), constructing new combinations (like helium),
  • in consequence of the continual contraction, those structures will be broken by atomic fission, emitting an innumerable number of particles into space at a (maximum) velocity of light or as well breaking other atoms until, after a long time, the star runs out of its nuclear fuel.

After a period of normalisation of situations and velocities within the combinations, the star eventually does not emit any particle; does not shine anymore and becomes invisible (a black hole).

In consequence of the high dense-pressure, the particles are pressed closer to each other, by which the influence of its restore-forces towards its movements turns out in smaller orbits and lower revolution velocities.
This development carries on in steadily less movements (lower temperature) and on the other hand in increasing restore-forces (gravity) until at absolute zero (no movement), probably sooner, the particles absorb each other and disappear.

Above described philosophy criticizes
Stephen Hawkin’s book “The Grand Design” in next subjects

Stephen Hawkin assumes: Space and time are finite but unbounded and universe does not have a beginning.

In this he loses sight of the coherence.
  • Space is a consequence of movement and time.
  • Universe is a consequence of space (movement and time) and mass.
  • Mass is a consequence of movement of positive and negative forces.

Without movement, there is no space and no mass and so no universe.

Stephen Hawkin’s described idea of inflation, predicting that an extremely tiny region of space can blow up into an universe-sized domain cannot be performed by just de/increase negative and positive energy, but is also a matter of movement/explosion-velocity, which is not gradually obtainable but coupled with destruction of possibly existing structures.
Without velocity the positive and negative energy will cancel each other out.

The universe-philosophy describes, that the edge of our universe is extending at almost the explosion-velocity. This does not give rise to assume, that our universe is part of a multiverse.
The statement, “space is a consequence of movement and time”, does presume, that each possible universe only knows its own space, like somebody’s daydream (e.g. about universe) will never meet somebody else’s daydream (about a universe).

The universe-philosophy queries Stephen Hawkin’s utterance; “it is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going”.

It is curious, in accordance with the fiction-theory, the Big Bang did not cause a light-explosion, but did remain invisible to the human eye.

In the beginning the by the explosion divided particles consist of a homogenous and singular composition. On the onther hand the eye expects a complicated (with photons) composition and moreover a wave-shape, which can only be obtained via an as yet not existing web.

Besides, all particles possess the same velocity and are in consequence not able to pass the in the same direction moving web.

The visibility (light) does exist after the, already before explained, direction-deviation in orbiting movements, this within an unstable environment, where already composed (with photons) particles release their selves, obtaining a wave-shape within a yet existing web.

Even the in the original moving-direction released particles will manifest, because of the diminishing velocity of the galaxy-potentials.

The Universe-philosophy and the standardmodel

The particle-physics-standardmodel is a theory, in which the forces and particles, building up all matter, are described.
While this standardmodel theorizes along experimental road, the previous described universe-philosophy approaches the same subject from the origin of the “Big Bang”.

As explained before, the universe-philosophy assumes; the existence of out of nothing by dividing caused positive and negative primal force-particles (tiny forces) that got respectively linked to a positive and negative explosion-velocity energy.
Those positive and negative dividing and explosion-velocity energies cancel each other out, confirming the universe is created out of nothing.

The created particles strive to restore the origin situation (the nothing), but are barred by their own velocity.
The primal force-particles possess no mass and are moving in an empty space, why their velocity can remain unhindered and everlasting be the same.

Since the universe point out to be constructed equable, one may assume, that likewise at the creation the explosion-emission has taken place in a well-balanced and straight-up way.
However, as already described before, a minimum of deviation in that equilibrium will cause a disturbance in the equilibrium between the first two particles and by domino-effect between enormous numbers of primal particles.

The outlined discomposure causes a binding with the side-lying particle, providing a forcefield of binding-energy (either accumulating mass) between those particles (tiny forces), where the extent in which the velocity-energy is continued out of a full-straight in a partly curved movement, plus, the size of the distance from which the other particle is allied, will determine the extent of affinity of the relationship with the partnerparticle and so the extent of the bindingenergy (either the accumulating mass).

If one integrates above at a glance described universe-theory in the existing along experimental road composed standardmodel, one gets next definitions:

1 positive with 1 negative primal particle.
1 positive with 2 negative primal particles.
  • 2 positive particles-combinations, each composed of:
    • 2 positive primal particles
    • 1 negative primal particle
  • 1 negative particles-combination, composed of:
    • 2 negative primal particles
    • 1 positive primal particle
  • 2 negative particles-combinations, each composed of:
    • 2 negative primal particles
    • 1 positive primal particle
  • 1 positive particles-combination, composed of:
    • 2 positive primal particles
    • 1 negative primal particle
  • 2 up-quarks, specified above
  • 1 down-quark, specified above
  • 1 up-quark, specified above
  • 1 down-quark, specified above
  • 1 neutral quark, composed of:
    • 1 positive particles-combination, composed of:
      • 2 positive primal particles
      • 1 negative primal particle
    • 1 negative particles-combination, composed of:
      • 2 negative primal particles
      • 1 positive primal particle

The positive and negative (anti-mass) function as a binding force, for all that possesses mass, and though so extreme, that they need to be segregated by their velocity-energy.

The above predicts; the bosons do not function as a principle binding force (for what possesses mass), but possibly fulfill a stability regulating task, that is extremely shown in magnetism.
A in the beginning massless primal particle, which by its binding as a structural part of the gravity network (web), has got a binding force and in consequence mass.
This process has been described before.

Unlike the standardmodel, in the universe-philosophy matter and anti-matter remain in balance and furthermore there exist no assembly of matter uniting forces but in stead one universal binding force.

As written before in this essay, the universe has arisen out of a matterless something (the nothing); namely out of a matterless primal force, which divided itself into positive and negative primal force-particles (tiny force fields), which should cancel each other out, were it not for the fact the dividing-explosion velocity prevents the primal particles to coalesce.

The described - by the inflation-explosion caused unimaginable - density of primal particles diminished in a few seconds into a more understandable size, as a result of their 180 grades-position, the out of point zero globular expansion and the high explosion speed (velocity of light).

While one may assume, that the primal source of primal particles (the nothing) did not know any movement (no temperature), one may persume, that also the explosion-expansion has occurred at a temperature equal to the absolute zero (updated Kelvin), so without vibration-movement, whereby the energy-balance could not be disturbed.

This unlike those primal particles, which are part of the previously described gravity-web (black mass), which in their effort to compensate the speedreduction of the galacy-building layers, have to transfer part of their original explosion-velocity into a vibration-movement, what is to be found in universe as a minimum mutation above absolute zero (background radiation).

Concluding paragraph

This site is pleased in having received a over 40.000 visitors (December 2014), which gives rise to research the kind of responses .

References to this site, send to university’s and ecclesiastical authorities, did result in just one response, received from the L.M.U., München, stating; “indeed very interesting”.

References, send to journals, did not result in publications, but in remarks like in:
  • Nederlands Theologisch Tijdschrift:
    “I and an other member of the editorial staff (both professors) have read the article, concluding; the article’s character does not fit our magazine; closing remark: interesting matter.”
  • La Vie (hebdomadaire chrétien):
    “I have consulted the site and forwarded it to the editor.”
  • Tijdschrift voor de Theologie:
    “Less scientific in approaching the existing opinions; remark, success in your research.”
  • Nova Religio (San Diego State University):
    “We are looking for articles about new religions, rather than philosophical reflections.”
  • Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte:
    “Our magazine is not the appropriate medium.”
  • Implicit Religeon (Journal):
    “Not in keeping with the area of ‘implicit’ religion.”

Overall a poor result.
However, its remarkable that no negative reactions are received.

The above results in the conclusion, that science lets us down and won’t/can’t contribute in controlling the true truth within the fiction-theory.
So one ought to consider for oneself, what value one wishes to attach to the theories outlined above.

I would like to invite you (via the comment-section below) to participate in an open dialogue regarding this theory / matter: What do you think?

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Anonymous This is a rather interesting theory, especially the part how this theory could explain the origin of our galaxy. I’ve bookmarked this site; can’t wait till the next update! How would sumerian beliefs fit this theory?

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